Not all people will be able to control their habits, especially unorthodox manners to which may become irritating to co-employees in the workplace, at times creating a sense of conflict in the personal aspect. The habits that most people follow would depend on their culture and how they were brought up in their respective lineage. While this is only a common occurrence, the productivity once it comes to being able to identify the type of motivating factors that become regular as far as carrying out their duties and their work responsibilities in varying instances will surely become the benchmark for being able to be effective and pro active in a sense.

All professionals have a certain type of behavior and motivating factor that brings out the best in them. There are cases where people are placed in a situation where they are not even happy with their current work. The direction coming from this would depend on the direction to which they want to go, that is, gearing towards the proper profession or undergoing the necessary training and educational implications to fit in to the work they are in and make a career out of it. The ultimate decision is still in the hands of the individual itself. While there may be outside factors that would push a person into being able to pass judgment, these are all normal to entice the decision making process.

A work place will always be composed of different personalities and behaviors, and this is something that should not come as a surprise to most people. While people all have perspective outlooks in life, it is how they see themselves in that situation at a certain projected time that will spell the difference between success and career growth.


Originally posted on October 28, 2006 @ 10:22 am


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