The World Wrestling Entertainment has expanded its market base by extending its coverage market towards the Asian region, a good area where most of its followers are situated today. Invading such countries as Japan, China and the Philippines, the response to such expansion efforts has become and evident success, owing to the fact that most of the wrestling entertainers such as Dave “The Animal� Batista and Funaki trace their roots in the Philippines and Japan too. This also becomes an opportunity for them to further bolster their level of popularity in the countries, becoming ambassadors in their own right.

At first, the cost of being able to watch such events drew negative feedback. Like who would be able to afford a $500 ticket considering that a large chunk of the fans following the WWE are kids. But seeing that such brand names of WWE as RAW and SMACKDOWN have been already into these areas, the reception and the fan turnout during the actual events show that people can really make things happen if they want to.

By this time, it is quite evident that the entertainment that WWE brings is purely scripted and that wrestling is fake. Question is, do people really care? Fact of the matter is, the storyline and gimmicks the Vincent McMahon has conceptualized has all the more helped grow the business, something that initially was never given a chance and was dying for some time in the 80’s. Wrestling personalities such as the Undertaker, John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, the Boogeyman, the Legend Killer and so on have made their mark into the minds of its fans. Personality, glamour and projection was all it took for these people to be among the ideal figures that kids, both the young at heart and the actual ones, look up to today.

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Originally posted on October 31, 2006 @ 12:47 am

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