Thousands of people travel daily to business meetings, conferences, exhibitions, work training and other job obligations. Individuals in different professions such as engineers, sales professionals, executives and designers travel consistently for business reasons. Some people earn a living by traveling daily or weekly to perform job responsibilities. According to U.S. Travel, $452 million Americans traveled for business purposes in 2013, and approximately $265.5 billion was used for domestic and international business travel expenses. The 2013 study conducted by U.S. Travel revealed that the sources of travel spending was primarily used for food, public transportation, lodging, automobile transportation, retail spending and recreation expenses.

As many companies become more global and expand their products to national and international markets, business travel is expected to experience a dramatic growth. Companies in different industries are now allocating more funds for business travel in an effort to increase profits and revenue. Connecting with potential clients, attracting new customers or investing in the professional development of employees are several key reasons why businesses invest heavily in business travel. According to the Global Business Travel Association, business travel spending has increased between 2013 and 2014, and international outbound travel has also experienced an increase.

Adapting to Different Environments

Visiting new places may be an essential part of your occupation, but the travel experience may be overwhelming and unnecessarily costly. Adapting to different environments may be a hassle if you’re traveling to different locations regularly. As a business traveler, you may experience a sense of anxiety when you’re unable to recognize streets and building landmarks. According to CNN, business travel can cause a stress overload due to certain reasons, such as lack of sleep, eating unhealthy food in between travel times and getting to appointments and meetings on time. Being properly prepared for the trip and using stress relief techniques can lessen the effects of anxiety caused by the frequency of business travel.

Using Accessible Information to Navigate through Foreign Locations

Depending on the purpose of your travel and whether or not you’re traveling on behalf of an employer, your expenses may be covered by the employer or reimbursed. If you’re a small business owner or self-employed independent contractor, you may be required to cover the entire expenses of your trip. You can significantly lessen the amount of money and time that you spend while on a business trip. If you have a mobile device, you can quickly visit online travel sites and mobile apps to help you get to places that you need to go without being lost or confused. With the assistance of mobile apps designed for travelers, you can book your flight, hotel, rental car and other expenses using online travel booking sites. You can easily find nearby retail stores, their locations and hours of operation using the convenient HoursMap app. If you need to send a package while you’re away from home, the Post Office Hours app can help you find the nearest post office, directions to the location and the operating hours.

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