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A real estate agent is all about showing, not telling. This is becoming increasingly important in an age where technology is allowing buyers to check out a property in very minute detail well before a showing. While showings are still important and will never be obsolete, a more virtual world means that agents need to give buyers (and sellers) what they want. A blog can help bridge that gap.

You might think of business blogs as a place to wax poetic about your industry, provider insider tips and engage potential clients. It can certainly be that, but for real estate agents you need to include videos (it doesn’t need to be this hard core) and photos to use blogs as a marketing platform. However, this can’t be solely (and overtly) a means to sell homes. You need to strike a balance, starting with these tips.

1. Separate your sales lingo from your blog lingo

First and foremost, a blog is a place to connect with your audience. Let your personality shine through, offer truly useful information, and sneak in those plugs for the properties you have for sale seamlessly. Maybe you’re drafting a quick blog (never more than 400 words) about an up and coming neighborhood, but you can slip in a video tour of a house you have for sale, too.

2. Give it away

Buying a house is confusing (which is why you have a job). If you want to build trust and a following offer expert advice on everything from what a good mortgage looks like to curb appeal trends. You probably already have this information anyway, and withholding it isn’t doing you any good if you don’t connect with these potential clients.

3. Utilize SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an evolving set of best practices search engines like Google use to rank your websites. For example, if someone Googles “real estate agent Philadelphia” and that’s a city you serve, you want to be on the first page of Google searches. Knowing SEO and applying it can bring in a hoard of traffic to your site.

4. Keep it regular

If you don’t blog high quality content on a regular basis, your readers will lose interest. Only start a blog if you can dedicate yourself to it for the long haul. At least three blogs a week is a must, and preferably every business day.

Finally, don’t start a blog just because you think you should. If you’re not dedicated, that will show up in your content.

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Originally posted on July 16, 2014 @ 7:49 pm


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