The demands of social media are constant: There isn’t a start or finish to your duties if you have to manage posts. What’s trending, what’s in the news, and certain hot industries are sure to generate a near-constant buzz.

But occasionally, you might struggle to find inspiration. If you’re looking to replenish your barrel of social media ideas, then start check out these three verticals for top news to share.    


Tech industries are constantly overhauling products and services to provide customers with more convenient solutions. Tech verticals share interests with a number of industries, so it’s not usually very hard to find crossover between your organization and tech news.

For example, if you’re managing social media for a digital book retailer, then start looking for news that relates to the latest online book apps and formats. Staying on top of tech verticals will show your audience that your firm cares about relevant developments.

With the wealth of apps, desktop software, and hardware generating news, you’ll be sure to find inspirations for new posts.


If you’re managing social media for a B2B organization, then start paying attention to relevant marketing news. It’s likely your client organizations will find marketing strategy tips and news extremely useful.

You might even wish to adopt some of the marketing innovations being used online. Staying on top of marketing trends can also be a self-serving tactic that allows you to focus on social media tactics that work and disregard strategies that are falling out of favor.


Health and wellness are universal concerns. You can find interesting angles and connections between your organization and various kinds of health news.

For example, if your organization is an office supply retailer, then share information about maintaining workplace fitness, ergonomics, and diets. Think about your audience demographics and their unique health concerns.

Keep an eye on health-care verticals via social media, and share pertinent information with your customers.


Social media users are constantly on the lookout for ways to reinvent a look and freshen up their style. Like health and wellness, most audiences can find common ground when it comes to skin care, hair, and fashion.

Image and video posts shared on platforms such as Pinterest, Vine, or Instagram might appeal to your followers’ aesthetic tastes and go viral.

When you manage an organization’s brand image on social media, you often have to think on your feet. If you start running out of post ideas, start looking at current news for tangential business verticals.

News from other industries can be of interest to your audiences.

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Originally posted on September 2, 2014 @ 6:32 pm


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