A few days after certain bills were passed for the overall improvement of the economy of the United States of America; a new proposal that would aid the US military has been circling around. An estimated amount of $130 Billion has been reported to be proposed by President Bush, but no matter what amount it may be, it still cannot replace the lives that were taken in the continuing war against Iraq.

War and Money


The motion has yet to be made official, but this early, speculations are rising that this will be another issue at hand, considering it is about the Iraq war again and that of the proposal of President Bush. The intent is good as far as security for the country is concerned, but one cannot help but wonder if such funding and requested budget may be aimed at reinforcing ammunition and artillery to the war plagued country. Also, not to be forgotten in the nuclear issues that North Korea and Iran have take the world by storm. Should this be the case, it would be best itemized before the budget is approved and passed.

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Originally posted on February 3, 2007 @ 5:48 pm

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