The nuclear issue seems to be hopping from one nation to another. After getting reports and fears that North Korea is gearing up for a nuclear armed military, attention has now shifted towards Iran as doing the same thing under wraps. While the claims are of course denied and are deemed as overreactions, Iran can possibly consider it by taking its cue from the North Korea talks.

Iran's Nuclear Threat

No one knows for sure why and how all the gossip has been spreading. From all indications Iran has been out of the circle of controversies of nations today. Most of the surrounding issues have been focused on Iraq and North Korea. But now, similar to that of how North Korea gained media attention, Iran is in the doldrums of being put on the hot seat this time around. Nuclear preparations alarm the world at any instance, hence Iran may now find it useful to watch its movement since all eyes are now also on them as well.

Originally posted on January 28, 2007 @ 9:36 pm

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