Now that President Bush is obviously pushing towards deploying an additional 21,500 US troops to Iraq, it is the turn of the US Republicans and Democrats to voice out their opinions. Or would they?

Senate and Rep Issue vs. Iraq


Doubt is in the air with regards to going heads on with the issue. For one, most of the people in the senate are playing it safe and are taking the largest issue today in the US carefully. For one, no member of the US Senate has sufficient evidence to debate or perhaps is afraid to debate with Bush at this point.

Many are calling the debate a big mistake. But when you talk about lives, all the cards are laid down on the table. Staking lives for the name of a country and for the struggle of power is simply taking in more lives at the expense of people ordering the command. Lives cannot be replaced like machines, the setback is too much to handle for people who only act on behalf of these leaders.

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Originally posted on February 5, 2007 @ 11:52 pm

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