Before answering this question, perhaps it would be better to ask first, “Do you need a regular posting schedule?” This is easier to answer – yes, you need to have a regular posting schedule for your business blog in the sense that you always have updates for your readers.

The tougher question is then, “How often should you be posting?” More so, “Do you need to post on the same days of the week every time?”

These questions aren’t new, really. Even bloggers who maintain blogs other than for business purposes have the same questions. Yet for the purposes of a business blog, how important is having a rigid posting schedule?

I believe that to a certain extent, you need to update your blog often – say, at least twice, even thrice, a week. However, I would place more importance in the relevance of the blog post. The same goes for how recent the posts are. What I mean to say is that those two factors are more important than having to adhere to a strict posting schedule.

For example, a strict posting schedule would be posting only every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This is good in a way, because you are disciplined and people know that on these days, you are going to post entries. Yet if your content is not up to par, what good is your posting schedule?

The bottom line is having updated posts – no matter which day of the week – and posting great content that your readers will look forward to.

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4 thoughts on “Do You Have A Posting Schedule?

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