In the previous post, we focused on the physical looks and SEO in order to make your blog more popular. Here are more tips to help you get the audience that you want.

Feeds are your friends

I am not talking about the things that you give to livestock for nourishment. In the blogging world, feeds are a mechanism by which you can publish your blog entries automatically. If you use feeds, it will be easier for your readers to keep themselves updated on what’s new in your blog. They do not have to do things manually, thus saving them time and effort. If you keep readers happy that way, then you just might become more popular. Many blogging platforms support feeds already but you may want to make use of other sites, especially if you have your own domain.

Make the most out of social bookmarking

Bookmarks make it much easier for your readers to remember your blog. They eliminate the need for readers to memorize your URL. Social bookmarking takes things one step further by making your blog available to anyone part of that social bookmarking web site. Just be sure not to overwhelm your readers with too many social bookmarking sites as they will just clutter up your blog. Some really reliable sites that you may want to include are Technorati, Sociable, and addThis.

In the next post, let us look at some other ways that you can improve the popularity of your blog.

Originally posted on February 1, 2008 @ 11:15 am

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