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Here are more practical tips to help you maintain focus within your business blog.

Write with passion.
This comes easily if you are truly passionate about your business and its products or services. I would assume that you are in this business because you are indeed passionate about it. Not everyone is talented when it comes to writing but real passion can be read and felt. More than the passion, however, you should write about something that will be of interest to your targeted audience. That is why you don’t just write down random posts in your business blog. You think about the ideas and then work on the posts.

Don’t be afraid to link and reference to other sources of information.
Some people think that they should not do this as it promotes their possible competitors. It’s hogwash, really. You cannot expect people to take you as the authority in your field just like that. You need to be able to establish your authority first. You have to be able to demonstrate that you are giving relevant and accurate information. By providing links and references, you are showing that you are confident of your information. More so, link to your own work as well. This will give the readers a view of everything else that you have to offer and further establish your credibility as well.

Promotion and marketing are a must!

Promotion and marketing of your blog, that is. For existing readers, you do not really need to do this but for those people who are not aware of your blog yet – and there should be a lot of them – you should help them find your blog.

Originally posted on November 22, 2007 @ 11:16 am

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