Photo Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

Now that you have your small business up and ready to run, what are you going to do to persuade clients to hire you? Photo marketing is bigger than ever in our constantly growing technological society. People don’t really stop and read anymore. They look at pictures, and whatever grabs their eye for more than a second is the article they actually read. So what can you do to boost traffic and catch the public’s eye?

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Use Facebook to promote your business

Facebook is the mecca of social networking. Over five hundred million people use Facebook daily. That is a tremendous amount of free marketing for your business! Upload images and tag your clients in them to get the word out about your business. By tagging your client, you open up your images to all of their “friends” as well. You will want to create a separate page for your business as opposed to using your own personal page. This is how Facebook prefers you to promote your business. Then you can change your settings to allow fans to tag themselves. You can also post links to your blog and send out announcements about upcoming business events.

Google Local

Google has now chosen to post local listings before the organic listings in its ranking system. For example, if you searched “Atlanta Sports Photographer,” the local listings will be first on the list. So make sure your small business has a localized webpage. Upload photos, because they will occasionally pop up along with your listing. The best thing about these listings is that they are absolutely free!

Know your ideal client

It is absolutely crucial that you know everything you can about your ideal client. To whom are you marketing your services? Figure that out, and tailor every part of your business towards your target population and their likes and dislikes.

An excellent example of this marketing technique is Sport Clips. Women are typically the focal point of a hair salon, but Sport Clips markets strictly to men. They make it work because they cater every part of their salon to sports. Most men take interest in sports. They also take interest in a place that women aren’t generally invited. So know your potential client, and find a way to serve their particular needs.

Start a photo blog

Blog your face off! Put your photo blog out there on the social networking web, and show people who you are and what you are all about. When your client sees you more as a peer in life than some big business person, they are more likely to stick by your side and be a loyal client. Don’t be afraid to be social.

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