The budget allocation approved for the United States is drawing expected criticism from various sectors, notably from the republicans and the senate who feel that the efforts would have been better off funding other areas for concern as energy and oil issues. The latter issues are without a doubt two of the secondary problems that the country is experiencing today.

Evil of Money and War

Much of the criticism has beset the decision-making of President George Bush. His desire to go on the offensive and covering up the issue with the never-ending security of the nation front is slowly losing its luster. Much of the Iraqi claims is that the US struck first, going to the extent of including innocent bystanders and children to which instigated the whole ordeal.

In normal life, it is only customary for people to defend themselves when provoked. While Iraq was never known to show promise in achieving to overpower the alliance of the United States with the other world powers, the withdrawal of the support by the united alliance may soon become another story. Iraq is a ticking bomb and given the right time, it may strike at the least expected time and spread more bloodshed than peace. Hopefully, this does not ensue for the good of all.

Originally posted on February 9, 2007 @ 10:52 pm

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