Anywhere we go, the rampant growth of terrorist issues has obviously been a cause for alarm and much has been connected to most of the recent events. The United States, the acclaimed world leader, has been the hardest hit by the standing issue. A lot has to do with the so called belief that the US is invincible, making it in its inhabitants sitting targets by countries craving for power. Of course we all know that among these countries include that of Iran and Iraq.

War on Terrorism

The war on terror has not been restricted towards armies and democratic fronts. It has gone beyond bounds which have gone as far as victimizing local folks who are plainly living their lives and working for survival. Sadly, they have become the unlikely targets, making the country very much vulnerable towards security overall. But hopefully, the US governing bodies can continue their security measures if only to protect the safety of innocent lives who are being caught in the crossfire.

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Originally posted on May 24, 2007 @ 10:52 pm

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