It isn’t really surprising why they the issue between President Bush and the Democrats has not been going anywhere. The crisis on whether or not to pull out the US troops from Iraq is again in the air and as states in previous entries, this will continue to do so as long as both parties stand firm on their principles on this issue.

Bush against the World?

Both have valid inputs into the issue. One is banking on security of his country while the other is preserving the increasing loss of lives. Both have their points and shortcomings but to this day, who has the upper hand? It is still a stalemate and unless something or someone suddenly enters the fray, nothing will develop from this drama that people have been following for some time now.

Other personalities that have been identified with these issues have shifted their focus on other areas. This makes a person think when these two protagonists would eventually do the same.

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Originally posted on April 24, 2007 @ 3:13 am

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