Paul Wolfowitz Issue

The Bush Administration is quite busy these days trying to find a suitable replacement for Paul Wolfowitz who stepped down recently following the discovery of having masterminded a financial compensation package with his alleged girlfriend employee, Shaha Riza.After this news broke out, all hell was set loose. The pressure has been mounting for Wolfowitz and he finally gave in last Thursday, resigning amidst the growing controversy. The problem has now escalated with regards to the actual credibility of the World Bank and this can not only be done through the efforts of a new president to head them.

Whoever the choice may be, President Bush has yet to name one. The person tasked to replace Wolfowitz will certainly have to pass through the eye of the needle to ensure that nothing of the same nature would happen again. Hence Bush will have to endorse someone soon to help try to fight down the fire that may get out of hand.

Originally posted on May 18, 2007 @ 10:23 pm

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