In any company or group, maximizing the talents of each individual and molding them into one effective overall unit is the ultimate goal of any leader who is given the task of balancing manpower and productivity in most cases. One man alone cannot make a difference. The motivational factor, often referred to as the X-factor by most people, is something that not all leaders possess. It is something that is inherited, most of the time an inherited trait of gathered from daily experiences from other cultures and origins. Whichever the origin of such rare talent today comes from, the implementation and carrying out of the said tool will be the differentiating factor that can help companies and corporations become more proactive.

While most corporate executives are leaning on educational background and work experience, both will be useless unless the person is effective and productive. These are not included in the usual requirements of human resources requirements. Such are inborn and it is not hard to identify the presence of such a gift, since come the interview alone, these can be readily noticed by the person who represents a company and screens all candidates for critical positions in a company.

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Originally posted on August 3, 2010 @ 12:03 pm


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