The usual feedback from employees who have served a company for quite a number of years is usually feedback with regards to the workload and the compensation package that they are getting. Majority would respond with a certain dissatisfaction tone, some growing impatient, having served a company for some time and yet not getting any retribution or improvements as far as their efforts and contributions to the company are concerned.

This is a common thing. More often, employees would rant for raises, additional benefits to offset their work burden. While some can be pacified and made to see, that all of these will be dependent on the performance of the company as a whole, promises made by the company to allow these people to understand the situation and actually see where such bonuses will come from do not impose such a problem. For the immature employees, they would not care and keep on complaining despite explanations and negotiations given to them. In most cases, such employees are not enticed to stay and left to decide on their fate.

Organizations are aware of such manpower issues, and definitely most companies would not resort to preventing employees from getting better opportunities with other companies once they feel that they are being under utilized. Patient people are duly rewarded, but for people who simply want to try the fast lane to career growth, the world has a lot to offer them, and they are surely welcome to undertake them, if they see it a better outlook for them.

Originally posted on July 9, 2010 @ 7:55 am


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