rim-blackberryIt used to be that mobile communication devices were only used by doctors and high level business executives. These days, even the average office worker can be connected wherever he or she may be. More than being connected through e-mail and mobile phone messaging, though, technology now allows people to connect to their offices while on the road. This means easier access to files, and perhaps better productivity.

Those in the technology sector realize this need and have been working to provide various features to small businesses; the same features that big corporations have access to is now available to small businesses as well. One company in particular has made this their goal.

Zdnet recently featured Egnyte, which is an online file server provider. This company is launching applications for the Blackberry and Android, geared towards the small business. More details:

Today, the company is unveiling Android and Blackberry apps to add to the iPhone app previously released. It’s also releasing the findings of a survey that it commissioned that found that half of all small businesses are using mobile devices to conduct business and that the majority had been in situations where they needed access to their files while in transit. In a statement, the company said:

Egnyte’s on-demand file server enables both Mac and PC business users to have online file storage, file sharing capabilities and automatic backup in one solution. The new interfaces, which require no additional software installation on the device, leverages a mobile drive — “m Drive” — that lets mobile users access all of their data stored via the Egnyte file server.

While not everyone in your business may have the need for this kind of connectivity, the availability of such a feature will certainly be useful for at least a handful of your employees – including yourself.

Originally posted on November 5, 2009 @ 12:49 pm

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