Taking my cue from the series of events that have been transpiring one after another for some time now, it is quite obvious that dominant nations like the United States and Russia are still at it in terms of projecting their world dominance in terms of economy and strategic process. Nuclear weapons, war, technology advancements, and economic systems are among the leading reasons that have made them where they are today. However, other countries that include Great Britain, China and Japan have taken their cue and are becoming among the world powers today in their own field of specialization such as electronics and consumer goods.

The United States has had this coming. This started out with the Gulf War in the 90’s which was followed by the famous World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001 where a number of people have died. While the U.S. condemns this and have resorted to going to war to vindicate the entirety of the occurrence, nothing has been resolved to this day. The so-called culprit, Saddam Hussein has been apprehended, but still, like a virus that spreads like wildfire if not contained, terrorism has plagued the entire world. Curing such has become a dilemma, and while most people deem it fit to plainly get away from the cross-fire, the world leaders have not found any recourse for curing the situation. The end result is obviously total chaos, something that has become evident and has even affected the economical flow of most countries dreaming of living in a well-oiled economy today.

The latest among power hungry members is that of the now famous North Korea Nuclear Testing some months back. For the normal thinking person, this would ordinarily sound senseless, but considering the fact that the world is becoming a sitting duck and target as to who will become the most dominant country and force today, nuclear weapons are a cause for alarm. The real victims are the civilians who are caught in the cross-fire, unknowing that they will be the victims from such an ordeal.

Originally posted on October 30, 2006 @ 12:03 am

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