Prior to selecting a course to which aspiring young minds would consider, they would initially visualize themselves, often asked by various sectors on how they see themselves 5 years from now. This question is a common phrase that we will all encounter, especially during job interviews and periodical job performance evaluations made by human resources and personnel departments toward current employees that are connected with them. Anyone can see the consistency and the perseverance that most people would pursue, while some would have a change of heart, especially once they have been exposed to a new line of profession which catches their fancy and interest all the more.


This occurrence is only natural. The decision making progress of most people are expected to change once they are exposed to the real world and new opportunities. One key aspect that can be seen here is the fact the educational background surrounding other possible areas for which they can explore and consider should they come to the point that they are already becoming less productive and effective in their current profession. The interest and the drive of most people with regards to carrying out what they deem as interesting and challenging is what produces new ideas and ideal output for any organization. Without the drive of most people, work efficiency will never be established, and will become routine and limit the room for improvements to which the company is expecting from most people.

Originally posted on October 12, 2006 @ 10:16 pm


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