Nuclear Issue Deadlock

By now, everyone is still familiar with the North Korea issue with regards to the nuclear testing that they had done some months ago. While this issue has not escalated for several months now, no resolution with regards to its status has also been heard of. At the rate things are going under the negotiations with the United Nations, it seems like this issue will take a couple more of months to settle.

While the nuclear testing made by the Koreans are not aimed at any specific country or nation, the fact remains that such testing is a threat to any region today. Some may view this as a cause for alarm since at any time, the press of a button may spark another world war and another destructive era for mother earth. True enough, unless there is anything that comes out from the talks and mediations done by the different nations and their leaders, this issue shall continue to be in the air and keep everyone thinking of what tomorrow may hold humanity in our time and age.

Originally posted on December 21, 2006 @ 11:25 pm

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