Listening is one skill that is of very high importance – no matter what context you may be in. Think about your latest meeting – how did you glean vital facts about your competitor? How were you able to deduce that critical insight? Probably by listening very acutely to what was going on.

Now translate this skill – listening – to cyberspace, more specifically to business blogs. We have been talking on and on about how business blogs can help you – there is no doubt about it. If your business has its blog, there are a thousand and one benefits that you can reap – merely from having your own blog.

Yet do not let the fact that your business has a blog limit you. It does not mean that you have done all you can to improve the business! Think beyond the box, so to speak. Look beyond your own business blog and visit other blogs.

reading blogs

Why? Because by doing that, you are listening. And listening gives you more information – information that can be very useful tools in your path to success.

Listening is actually being done in your own blog – by reading readers’ comments, you have hearing out their concerns. That is one way to gather information that you can use. Yet beyond that, try visiting other sites and blogs and see what your “non-customers” and competitors are thinking and doing. This kind of information just might give you the edge that you need to get ahead of the rest of the pack.

Originally posted on October 8, 2007 @ 11:22 am

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