There are blogs and then there are blogs. In the last post I was talking about meeting the bare minimum and taking things one step further. That is what makes an effective blog – going beyond what is required and reaching out to the people out there.

So what makes a business blog good? Those characteristics that help give your company a strong presence online.

There is no need to for too much flair – remember, content is what your readers are looking for. They want to find out what you have to offer and this means going straight to the point. Of course, pictures would not hurt either.

The web is dynamic and you have to keep up with it. You cannot rely on old and trusted ideas all the time. Browse the web for other business blogs and see how they do it. Then see if you can adopt some of their principles and make your own blog just as dynamic.

The main purpose of blogging is to deliver fresh content on a regular basis. You cannot just create a blog and then forget about it. People come back to blogs because they want to read something new each time. That is why you should also set time aside for maintaining your business blog. Make sure that you will have something new to offer your readers each and everytime. Otherwise, your web presence might just as well be nil.

Originally posted on September 22, 2007 @ 9:45 am

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