Although there are a variety of ways you can accept credit cards in your retail establishment, there are still many people that enjoy the versatility of using cash for purchases. This may be especially true if you have a pop machine outside your business, which may increase your income as it could bring in sales 24 hours per day. In some situations, you could make money with an ATM even when customers don’t utilize your business.

Usage Fees Can Build Up

Many locations around the city offer ATM services and tack on a small fee for the transaction. This fee could range anywhere from one dollar up to five depending on your location. Each time a patron uses the machine, the business receives this fee. If your establishment experiences a steady flow of consumers, your ATM could provide your business with a great deal of money for simply providing the capability of giving cash.

Vending Machines and Gaming Devices

In many areas, ATMs are used to help promote coin-operated devices such as vending machines and gaming units. This could be anything from pool tables to candy distributors. It all starts with the swipe of a card to get cash in order to convert the money into usable smaller bills and coins. While you may have to keep a greater supply of loose change available for your patrons, it may be worth the trouble if the addition of the ATM machine improves the use of those devices.

Marketing Your ATM Location

If you store the ATM inside for an increased method of security, you may want to advertise outside the establishment that a cash machine is inside the building. Even those that don’t plan on staying within your business may stop by simply to use the ATM. This helps those in the neighborhood when it comes to yard sales, paying babysitters, or virtually any other reason that warrants the use of cash.

Lighted signs and billboards outside your establishment attract those looking for such machines. Neon, backlit signs and non-lit banners may draw attention to the unit as each user benefits from cash while putting a few dollars in your business. Printed decals may draw attention to the cards that are accepted as well as fee notices eliminating some confusion to patrons about service charges.

Customization Brings Added Allure

The cabinet of your ATM machine can be accentuated in a variety of ways. Whether you have specially designed graphics to wrap the device or have a custom wooden cabinet designed, you may improve the ambiance of using the machine. With custom design work, you may include deals, specials and other marketing ideas through printed vinyl wraps possible making patrons aware of other items and services you may provide.

ATMs Have Excellent Returns on Investment

The return-on-investment for ATMs will be dependent on the patrons that frequent your establishment. The more popular your business becomes, the greater are your chances for income through the cash machine. Market the unit wisely and attract a variety of patrons that need cash on hand. Those individuals may spend money at your business simply because they are already there.

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