Work Productivity for 2014 and Beyond


Savvy entrepreneurs used to have a lot of downtime as they traveled, making it critical to travel as little as possible to maximize productivity in the office. As the world turns to more mobile solutions, a bus ride is suddenly becoming the best productivity time of the day. Between smartphones and laptops, you could potentially fit several hours of work into one commute period.

WiFi Everywhere

More businesses than ever are seeing the value of free WiFi for their customers. Retail stores, planes and buses use WiFi to advertise their brands and provide a feature that pulls customers from other competitors. Log in to your commuter bus WiFi the moment you sit down. Be aware that you’ll probably see advertising and possible broadband limits, but basic connection to email and document sharing is crucial to a productive workday.

Bring a Power Bank

Although you may diligently charge up your device before leaving home, WiFi and Bluetooth often drain batteries quickly. Instead of worrying about a charge, take along a power bank. Fitting easily in any bag or purse, power banks are mobile charging stations for your device. Plug in and keep working while on the bus ride. There may be power outlets available at your seat, but it’s always good to be prepared otherwise.

Tablets as POS Stations

If you have a customer on the phone as you ride the bus, there’s no need to hold off on any financial transactions. Use your tablet or laptop as a POS station with the proper software. Run a debit or credit card through the software, allowing the customer to finalize their order. You could be meeting them at a warehouse to pick up the goods at the end of the bus ride. Carving any time out of a commute period is productivity at its best.

Where to Sit?

Every bus ride is different, but sitting on the aisle is always a better selection than the window. You have access to bathrooms and quick exits when the ride is over. Busy commutes will offer you a seating buddy near the window, but these close encounters could be blessings in disguise as you network your way to work. You never know when the next big sale could occur.

Define your Hours

Today’s technology makes it easy to work 24 hours a day. Although you could be extremely busy, create working hours for yourself. You still need to strike a balance between work and personal time to avoid burnout and excess stress. Be more productive during these work hours with scheduled time off for other interests. Even take clients out for fun times “off the record” to show your true self after hours.

Welcome to the 21st century as you download documents and seal business deals while riding down the freeway. Balance your work and personal life carefully, but always be aware of opportunity knocking even when you take a coffee break on a long commute day. Traveling between cities has never been so lucrative.

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Originally posted on October 2, 2014 @ 7:19 pm


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