3 Ways You Can Help Your Employees Feel Safer At Work

Your employees are the most valuable asset you have as a business owner. So to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your staff, you have to enable them to perform at their highest capacity. But if those who work for you don’t feel particularly safe while at the workplace, you can’t expect them to be able to go above and beyond in turning your company into a phenomenally successful organization. So to help ensure that your staff is getting the support they need, here are three ways you can help your employee feel safer at work.

Create An Open Door Policy About Safety Issues

Having a feeling of safety at work can have a variety of different meanings to your staff. For some, knowing they’re physically safe is paramount. For others, their emotional or psychological safety takes top priority. To satisfy your staff as a whole, regardless of their idea of workplace safety, Bill Howatt, a contributor to The Globe and Mail, recommends that you start an open door policy where your staff can feel comfortable coming to you to discuss any issues they might be having with their own safety. The more you’re able to encourage your staff to come forward with safety issues they see or experience, be it trip-and-fall hazards or being harrassed by another employee, the better you’ll be able to address their concerns and improve upon their feelings of safety while at work.

Put Emergency Plans In Place

For physical emergencies that might take place at your place of business, it’s important that you and your staff both have a very solid idea of what actions to take to preserve everyone’s safety. According to Roy Maurer, a contributor to SHRM.org, one in five workers don’t know of any plan for workplace fires. Additionally, one in four workers don’t know how their company would handle extreme or dangerous weather. And in the event of a workplace shooting or other attack, 40 percent of employees don’t think there’s any type of plan in place for their organization. If you fall under any of the above categories, consider sitting down and putting some of these emergency plans in place so your staff knows what to do if anything unfortunate were to happen while at work.

Offer Regular Safety Training

So both you and your employees can feel prepared for any type of safety emergency, Jennifer Post, a contributor to Business News Daily, recommends that you as the employer offer regular safety training. This training can be done in many different ways, from bringing someone in to teach your staff to providing online or physical courses to help expand their safety knowledge. Just remember that the more your staff knows, the better everyone will be able to respond when an emergency arises.

If you’re worried that your employees might not feel as safe as they should while at work, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find ways to increase everyone’s workplace safety.

Originally posted on July 31, 2018 @ 4:47 pm


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