If you have a physical job which requires putting yourself at risk for potential injuries, it’s probable that one day you may get hurt.  It’s important to know that if you do find yourself with a significant injury, it’s not to be taken lightly.

Not only can an injury affect your life at work, but it can carry onto other areas of your life as well.  You may not be able to move around as comfortably in your free time, and you may even suffer long-term as a result of a work injury.  It’s important to know your legal rights, and take these steps if you find yourself hurt on the job.


Get Medical Attention Immediately


The most important thing to remember when you suffer any kind of injury is that you shouldn’t self-diagnose.  Unless you’re a trained medical professional, you shouldn’t rely on yourself what injuries you have sustained.


Make sure that you see a professional immediately so that you can pinpoint exactly what happened to you and whether you need any ongoing treatment or therapy.  Otherwise, you can cause further physical damage by failing to take an injury seriously.


Notify Your Supervisor


Make sure that you notify your superior supervisor as soon as possible.  If you don’t create a paper trail of when the injury happened then it won’t work in your favor should you pursue workers compensation.  


Make sure that you alert your supervisor immediately following hurting yourself so that they know you need to step back and so that you have proof of notifying them.


Waiting too long to tell your supervisor may cause potential legal issues, and continuing to work on an injury could hurt your body for years to come.


File a Claim For Workers Compensation


It’s important to file a workers compensation claim so that you can attempt to be paid in the meantime while you’re unable to do your job.


Since your injury was sustained at your place of employment, it’s them who should pay for your treatment and lost wages. You can find your nearest workers compensation board by doing an internet search.  Someone at the board will help you understand which benefits you may be eligible for and which papers you should file.




The most important thing above money or productivity is your physical health.  It’s vital that after sustaining an injury that you let your body rest so that it can heal.


Continuing to push yourself will only lead to further problems. Make sure that you take it easy in your personal and professional life until the doctor gives you the green light that its ok to get going again.


Originally posted on September 12, 2018 @ 10:39 am


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