Probably seeing that the issue is getting nowhere, US Democrats have mapped out plans to revise the current $2.9 trillion dollar spending budget that was mainly comprised of a big spending increase in the area of military and domestic programs, something that has put everything on hold and with no recourse.

Compromised Budget

Budgets are known to be a need, and the need is certainly something that needs to be worked on double time. While most disagreements are a given in the world of politics, it is the country that is suffering from these endless bickering over allocations and budgets.

With the new move of the democratic front, hopefully something concrete would finally come out. There is a need to set the records straight and unless personal interests, if any, are set aside, a whole nation shall continuously suffer from such and this would not be something that maybe a pretty sight.

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Originally posted on May 5, 2007 @ 3:21 am

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