Death in Iraq WarsAs many would expect, the additional funding for the Iraq war has been officially voted against by the senate. While this was only expected, it is evident that the people are geared at finding alternative solutions to be able to stop the conflicts of interest governing over Iraq at present.

War spending has been on the tops of the funding itineraries and such is not sitting well with the governing bodies and the United States population as well. Further spending on war related issues is not helping resolve the crisis but is rather making it larger.

To note, is it no purely a security concern. Some say it is becoming personal and based on how Bush has been pushing for it, everything seems to be vindicating itself for a personal vendetta rather than a solution. Many innocent lives have been claimed. It is about time that the government would take on much serious matters such as putting attention on current crisis in the United States regions.
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Originally posted on May 16, 2007 @ 2:53 am

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