And so the probe continues. The current issue surrounding the cheap medical treatment and attention that US troops have been getting from the Walter Reed Army Medical Center seems to be escalating as more issues are being unraveled as the days go by. Finger pointing and getting to the bottom of all issues concerned is certainly something that has been common and it would not be surprising to see President Bush’ name among the people to be blamed.

Walter Reed Medical Center Scandal

To date, former Army Secretary Francis Harvey has been forced to resign because of the issue and it will not take long before some other big names would follow. The US troops have become a sensitive issue as of late and with this dilemma now brought into the open, the media will certainly have a field day in exposing the issue at hand. Perhaps even the candidates may use this as leverage in their campaign since attending to the current needs seems to be more important to get those votes in their corner.

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Originally posted on March 11, 2007 @ 1:04 am

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