The hot news that has plagued the Internet and the news today is that of the Virginia Tech deadly shooting spree that claimed the lives of 32 lives and that of the gunman were killed. While the nation is still mourning from this untoward demise, it has reached the political aspect of things that of which is controlling the gun ownership of people roaming the streets.

Gun Control Ban

For sure gun controls are connected with the upcoming elections, violence which may be a possibility stemming from the incident. While most people doubt it, it would be interesting if they would implement such a law for the duration and be stricter when it comes to carrying firearms today.

But this would most likely fail to materialize. Although there were similar measures in 1993 where congress passed the Brady bill and the assault weapons ban in 1994, this is unlikely to happen. With the evident decline for support of such an occurrence since the 90’s, it doesn’t seem that any of the presidential candidates would use this as a leverage tool to boost their chances on the upcoming elections.

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Originally posted on April 17, 2007 @ 3:48 pm

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