If I wanted to write an entry just to make people feel good the answer to the question above would be a resounding “YES”. However, making people feel good is not my primary motive. My motive is to help people find a way to earn money through blogging and because of that I have to give an honest answer, which is a disappointing “MOST PROBABLY NOT”.

With the huge phenomenon blogging has become, millions of people flock on the web nowadays not just to check their emails but to check the blogs they subscribe to and read religiously. Blogs have become the morning paper of this generation. With such a large market it is no wonder many people fall into the trap of thinking that anyone can earn enough to make it as a full time blogger. The problem is that while there is a huge potential to earn big bucks, more often than not, the potential goes unrealized. Many bloggers earn enough extra money to making blogging worthwhile money-wise but not enough to quit their day jobs. Statistically speaking a vast majority of bloggers who try to earn serious income through blogs will not reach their target income.

The reason for this is simple. Like any line of business, many are just copycats who jump in on the bandwagon in hopes of getting rich fast but without any real notion of the work and skill it entails to be successful, and even worse, without any intention of DOING the work needed to make their blogs a success. So before you go quit your day job think about this and figure out whether you are ready to take on the challenge of blogging. If you know that you have the knowledge and skills to be a full time blogger then go ahead. If not I suggest you stick to your day job while learning the ropes until your blog starts earning and you can be pretty sure that you are ready to be a full time blogger.

Originally posted on September 7, 2007 @ 6:43 pm

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