Ambition may be a dangerous thing if not treated properly. Some would tend to be ambitious that they aim to overthrow their superiors and neglect their usual duties. While the usual response on this would depend on the personality of the person, be sure you can be able to stand up for your actions.

It is only natural for some people to become sour to their apprentices. Some would say they kiss ass, or make complements to be able to score. Some would go to the extent of portraying a certain personality, and while some may not know it, not all leaders are stupid enough to note that something fishy is going on.

Eventually, trying to imitate and take over some work will step in. The bottom line is, if you want to bypass someone filled with talent, honor and prestige, be sure you can do it and stand up for it. Otherwise, don’t expect your former superior to welcome you back with open arms. The damage has been done and going to war with someone whom you cannot even equal as far as credentials and experience is concerned may spell your eventual downfall. Some people have a lot to learn about this and it’s just too bad that their anxiety and immaturity has to step in. Such a darn shame!

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Originally posted on May 12, 2006 @ 11:43 am

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