Culture is a set of values, guiding beliefs, understandings, and ways of thinking that is shared by members of an organization and is taught to new members as correct. – Richard L. Daft (Organization Theory and Design)

Each organization employs a different type of culture and beliefs towards its daily operations and the people who comprise it. Initially, these will not be immediately appreciated, the need for proper adjustment a requirement to be able to fit in to the entire system. While there is no questioning that some have tried and failed, there are some whom have succeeded as well. The key to this is adjustment and flexibility. Without the latter, the needed fit into the system will lead a supposed employee nowhere.

No doubt, the pride of people, especially decorated and talented individuals will have a tough time living in an entirely new environment. For one, desire and united vision will make the difference between a successful partnership and overall performance for both the worker and the organization.

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Originally posted on May 22, 2006 @ 11:00 pm


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