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I love the technology and gadgets – I don’t feel more comfortable than when I have my laptop in front of me, reading blogs, browsing web pages, and writing for my blogs. Yet there are times when I just yearn for the feel of the pages of a book instead of having the mouse in my hand. Maybe some of you feel that way sometimes as well. If you do, then here’s a good book for you to read when you get that urge to turn those pages.

Blogging for Business: Everything You Need To Know And Why You Should Care is written by Shel Holtz and Ted Demopoulos. It tells you why you should welcome business blogging with open arms. More so, it gives practical tips and ideas on how to go about it. Some points that you would encounter in the book are:

• How to tap into the power of blogs
• How blogs are different from e-zines, Web sites, and message boards
• Why businesses need to monitor blogs that discuss their products and services
• How to use an internal corporate blog as an effective knowledge sharing tool
• Future iterations of blogging, such as podcasts and vlogs
• Legal considerations

In fact, many other people appreciate this book and what it has to offer. Take Paul Baker’s review of the book. If you need more information on the book, check out Amazon – they have it on sale right now.

Originally posted on March 18, 2008 @ 11:20 pm

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