3 Ways to Give Your Business a FaceLift

If you are a player in the business world, you may understand the importance of image. As a company, your clients and colleagues judge you greatly based on the appearance you project. This image includes your personal charisma, your physical office, and your webpage. When was the last time you took a long hard look at the image you portray? Included here are a few ways to give your business a facelift.

Physical Location

Companies that utilize a physical office space should keep the building perfectly maintained. Clients entering your workspace should feel warmly welcomed but in a professional manner; this includes everything from roof to floor. The interior should be furnished comfortably in pleasant neutral colors with no clutter. Consider hiring an interior designer for this step as it is incredibly vital to the success of your business.

As far as the exterior of your office, you want to exude professionalism; have your property landscaped and meticulously maintained. Be sure the exterior of the building is appealing, with a stone facade or intricate woodwork. Windows should be washed and walkways should be cleared of all garbage and dirt. Don’t forget winter safety for patrons and be sure you show the care to salt your sidewalks and shovel snow.

Update Your Website

In this digital age, most of your clientele will glean their first impression of you from your website. Your site should be easily navigable and all text should be in easy-to-read font colors. It is always wise to hire a professional web designer if you wish to promote your business online. Hospitality industries should utilize online booking as well within their site.

When loading a dingy, dated website, customers may get the impression that other aspects of your business are also outdated. Grainy, blurry photographs do nothing to assist your business appeal. A great way to dispel this image is by increasing the image quality on your site. Hire a professional photographer for product images and other applicable industry pictures to feature.

Train Your Personnel

The most critical impression anyone will receive of your business is through customer service. Having well trained individuals at your company who understand great customer service can boost your business revenue beyond belief. Everyone who has anything to do with your business, from the front desk to delivery people, should be well-trained and prepared to maintain your image.

If your business is run primarily by you, try to see all interaction with other people as potential clients. This does not mean you should be selling all the time, but you should treat people politely and with common courtesy. Days off work doesn’t mean days off from professionalism; treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Originally posted on November 15, 2015 @ 10:01 pm

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