5 Techniques To Help You Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Since the advent of marketing, there have been marketing goals that have been imposed by employers onto employees, and by employees onto themselves. Each change in technology that comes along then changes how those marketing goals can be obtained.

And now, we find ourselves today with techniques that involve things like dynamic pricing schemes, the immediacy of PayPal, on-the-go charge card equipment, super-specific and scalable business plans, and the idea of working toward a marketing goal rather than backward from one. Consider each to help you on your own path to achieve your personal and professional sales goals.


Use Dynamic Pricing Schemes

One of interesting ways to use IT technology to help with marketing these days is to set up a dynamic pricing scheme. Essentially this is a way to group different products or services together in a sensible way so that salespeople have a way to package client needs together in a reasonable way, and then the client has a simple way to purchase that customized order.

Utilize PayPal

By having a business PayPal account, you can simplify a lot of the complications that happen through online marketing. You won’t have to put people in a situation to write down credit card numbers or mess with other bank privacy issues – they’ll just be able to click a button and go directly to the pay screen. It’s surprising how many sales don’t happen simply because a potentially customer doesn’t want to go through a few extra hurdles to purchase something that they actually want! As a marketer, remove those obstacles to achieve your goals!

Work With Payment On the Go Equipment

A relatively new influx of card-reader technology allows people with the right smartphones and software to take people’s physical credit cards on the go now, which gives a huge benefit to salespeople that want to work on the go. That way you, as a marketer, are essentially actively pursuing marketing opportunities, rather than having to wait until clients move toward you.

Follow a Predefined Business Plan

It can be easy to get caught up in sales and promotions so that you’re tempted to do too much at the same time. Though there might be a temporary bump in success rate, people can burn out on products or ideas if the message comes across too aggressively. For the most part, sticking to your initial business plan will yield better overall marketing results.

Work Forwards Instead of Backwards With Financial Goals

And finally, just in terms of theory, consider a technique that will help you advance accordingly. Instead of trying to find out how much of something you have to sell to get to a certain point, think about selling what you have, and then finding out where that takes you!

Originally posted on January 28, 2016 @ 9:11 pm

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