In the previous post, we took a quick look at how to pick your niche. We looked at two considerations – picking a niche for optimum monetization and picking a niche based on your interest. This time, let us look into more detail on how to pick a niche. If I remember correctly, I mentioned that in my opinion, finding a balance between the two considerations is a good consideration.

So what is the first step? I suggest narrowing down your interests. I am sure that you have at least several interests that you would like to blog about. The thing is, when it comes to starting up a niche blog, you have to focus on one particular topic. So instead of trying to capture a wide range of interests, you should pick out one and focus on it.

How can you do this? This could provide to be a bit of a task especially if you have a lot of interests. How do you narrow them down and actually pick just ONE?

One way to do this would be to search online. Go to sites like Wikipedia and other informational sites. Do a search on several topics that are closest to your heart. Visit many other sites that can provide you with background information on your topics. Once you are done with this background work, take the time to make your decision. That is, pick a few topics that you feel you are most comfortable with. More so, pick a few topics that you think will be sustainable in the long run.

Originally posted on August 4, 2008 @ 11:39 pm

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