Not because your business has a blog doesn’t mean you can just sit back and wait for great results. It doesn’t happen that way. Like in all good things, it would require consistent work that will include active promotion.

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Here are 5 of the most sensible tips you can try to promote your business blog successfully:

Create a Worthy Blog

Creating a blog that is worthy of the effort in promoting is always the foundation. Common sense tells us that no matter how effective marketing and promotional efforts are, no positive long-term results will come out if the blog being promoted is trash. If a business is serious in maintaining a blog, it has to assign people who will handle it. The goals and objectives need to be very clear so that all actions regarding the blog will move towards the same direction. The need for quality and relevant content is of course a standing requirement.

Submit to Blog Directories

One way of creating effective online presence for businesses is to submit blogs to appropriate blog directories. There is no need to submit and register in all. However, due attention should be given to being listed in blog directories that actually matter when online searchers would be looking for a particular business.

Use Social Media

The usefulness of social media in promoting business blogs has been proven. However, businesses should determine the right platforms to use and how to best behave when using them. Social media accounts of business serve as its voice in every platform’s audience. It is very easy to send the wrong messages to the public when it is not used in line with the established goals. Again, it would be wise for the business to assign people who will do this task.

Promote Blog Online and Offline

Companies usually forget that they have one ready venue for promoting their blogs and that is their official websites. They have all the leeway in the site to inform readers of their blogs and how they can be of further use. Offline promotion may consist of including urls of websites and blogs in business cards, promotion of sites in print publications and other media forms, and taking about the site and the blog to friends and business associates especially in related events.

Encourage Possible Links with an Influencer

Influencers have influence and clout over a specific audience that is why they are called as such. Businesses can create an important link to these influencers by mentioning relevant information given in a recent post of the influencer and providing proper attribution for it. Hopefully, this can catch the attention of the influencer enough for him or her to consider looking into the business’ blog as well. Businesses will have to use their better judgment in doing this.


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