Blogging and Content Generation as Business Versus Personal Output

Even though the lines are blurred with a lot of different types of digital output these days, it’s important to understand the implications of various categories of generated postings. Specifically, think about the difference between blog posts when seen from a business perspective versus a personal one. Tone and language can be very similar, but the intent can be very different.

Consider for a minute when businesses advertise their services, how travel bloggers put their output together, how different companies market their experiences via social media, and where monetization and branding fit in the mix as well. Being able to observe and analyze the similarities and differences in blogging and marketing concepts is very important.

Advertising Needed Services

Many businesses will create a blog-style post that offers the services that they have. For example, a rehab facility can put out information about detox services. Or a healthcare facility can put out a post about the benefits of in-home care. The casual style of these posts is very inviting to certain people, even though the result is that these companies want you to purchase the service. That’s a fundamental distinction to make when you’re reading the material as advertised.

Travel Blogging

Think about travel blogs that you read. Is it a person sharing their experiences, pictures, videos, and anecdotes about their travels? Or is it someone who has been hired by a company to do the same things? Certain travel companies will even sponsor individual people so that they will come out looking good when the particular travel blogger in question includes information about the products, services, or locations. This kind of soft marketing and advertising can be very effective because it seems natural and realistic in context. Smart business people are creating these arrangements all the time.

Marketing Experiences Via Social Media

Then there’s the matter of social media. When businesspeople and marketers use social media to start conversations about their products and services, it looks very casual and creates a lot of engagement around the topic. Smart marketers will use this to their advantage by initiating conversations with groups of people on public pages that highlight their products and services without looking like advertising. This is brilliant!

Monetization and Branding

And finally, there is the topic of monetization and branding when it comes to business versus personal blog posts. Advertisers don’t really care what the content is as long as they have an audience on your webpage. So, you can figure out how to monetize advertising a personal blog post just as easily as you can a business blog post. This is one of the secrets to great website branding – you can have a combination of professional and personal output, and the financial monetization aspect creates the same results.

Originally posted on January 22, 2018 @ 10:01 pm

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