What To Look For In A Web Host

Startup businesses, no matter how large or small, require a strong online presence in order to gain momentum in this current day and age. An inviting and professional looking website is important to prospective users as they may eventually become clients or customers. As well, a dependable e-mail solution will ensure you’re available and reliable in getting back to people about their questions. What many new companies forget about however, is the importance of partnering with a solid web host. Your web host will ensure site security, uptime guarantees, customer support for tech related issues, and have all essential website features included in their packages so as to help you launch and sustain a successful enterprise.

You also want your webhost to work for your business, not feel as though you’re maneuvering around your needs to fit yourself into a plan. Certain plans from providers like Host Papa will even allow you the versatility to add on as you require; you’ll only pay for the features you need without getting stuck spending money on that which isn’t serving you. Moreover, with shared hosting plans, you’ll have the freedom to build your own professional looking website with an easy-to-use web design tool. You can also install over four hundred apps with a single click including WordPress ready hosting, Joombla, and more. Having a state-of-the art cPanel that anyone can use easily will also help you to manage all your services hassle-free.

Security is another critical area to consider when performing online activities. With this web host’s Business Pro plans, you receive a Premium Wildcard SSL certificate and Domain Privacy protection, safeguarding you against hackers. As well, you have the option of including a SiteLock seal reassuring your users that your website is safe as it scans the site daily for malware and other threats. Furthermore, should mistakes be made when updating (lost information for example), recover previous versions of your site as they’ll automatically be backed up.

Having several e-mail addresses for communicating with clientele is also beneficial for the operation of any business. With Business and Business Pro accounts you’re provided with cPanel e-mail addresses that coincide with your domain name – making you look more reputable. With unlimited e-mail accounts, you won’t ever have to fret about adding new members or new inboxes related to specific departments. You can create separate e-mails not only for individual employees but for marketing, advertising, or communications departments, keeping your business activities organized.

When you’re looking for an email service provider and web host, ensure they can provide you with the versatility, security, and features for communication you’re looking for at a price point that doesn’t break the bank. Ensure also that they have experienced personnel readily available by phone, e-mail or live chat to assist you should any unforeseen security issues arise.

It’s easy to get tricked into a hosting plan that doesn’t deliver on all that it promises but going with an award-winning and trusted provider can be just the thing that takes your business to new heights.

Originally posted on November 10, 2017 @ 4:50 pm

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