Teaching the Teachers: Monetizing Marketing Knowledge and Passion

There is an exciting business development that has been occurring over the last several years. With the information explosion that is going on everywhere, marketing gurus have been out there figuring out how to teach teachers. It doesn’t really matter what the subject matter is, or what industry is involved. 

If you have a business model where someone in a company has to teach something or present information, how do they learn the skills required to speak persuasively in front of a group? This concept is where you get the idea of seminars that teach people how to teach.

It will feel like less of an abstract theory after you dive into a few ideas. First of all, think of a keynote speech. How do you think the speaker learned how to present their case? They had to develop their techniques from somewhere, so where was that place? 

Working with the concept of business monetization, there should be somewhere in every company’s business plan that suggests a way to pass on knowledge and make money by doing so. But, when it comes to some nested educational system where a presenter is presenting methods for presentation, it’s essential to watch out for too many tendencies toward pyramids, which can appear very much like scams.

Start with The Keynote

If you’ve ever been to a meeting where a genuine, passionate, and charismatic person gave a keynote speech, then you realize how much of an effect it had on you. If you wanted to give one of these keynote speeches, how would you learn how to do it? 

Intriguingly, there are companies, corporations, brands, and individuals out there that teach people how to give keynote speeches by themselves giving a keynote speech about how they sell their services. It is a very specific style of education, and marketers are great at selling marketing.

Work Through Your Business Plan

When you develop your initial business plan, there are a lot of different income streams that you can focus on. One thing that might not be a bad idea to include in there is the fact that you can act as a consultant teaching people how you created your business. So even if you run a photography company, your income would not be from photography – in this case, it would actually be from teaching people how to market photography. There is a distinct difference, and smart business managers learn how to take advantage of this possibility.

Watch Out for Pyramids

One thing to watch out for when trying to figure out more about marketing is different kinds of pyramid schemes. If a marketing agency knows a lot about marketing but doesn’t know much about the products they actually market beyond that top level, the advice that they give may not be appropriate to the circumstances. Good, charismatic marketers can take advantage of psychological weaknesses in people, so it’s important that you trust the marketing agencies that you want to learn techniques and methods from.

Originally posted on June 26, 2019 @ 8:31 pm


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