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We are living in the digital age, and smartphones, tablets, and technology on the go have become the norm. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. We use them to check email, browse the web, watch videos, and more.

With so many people making use of their phones to access the internet, many companies are beginning to see that they need mobile campaigns to fit today’s consumers. How can you make use of this new technology? This article breaks it down.

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QR Codes

QR codes are slowly becoming more popular, and you often see them pop up in unexpected places. A QR code is like a barcode that you can scan with your phone.

These codes have all kinds of applications. They can be used to give the scanner more information about a product, or to redirect them to your business’ website. You can even use a QR code to offer exclusive coupons, promotions, or contests. One Mountain Dew campaign offered free music downloads to people who scanned their QR codes.

The downside of this strategy is that users must have a smartphone to access it. A “dumb phone”, or a phone that is used primarily to text and call, will not be able to read the code.

Sponsored Games

Phone games are always in need of sponsors, and many companies will sponsor a game in exchange for their ads being in the load screen or bumpers.

Unlike typical PC or console gaming, nearly all demographics play mobile games. And those players will gladly watch your twenty-second ad if it means they can keep playing your game for free! Some games even incorporate a system where players can choose to watch ads in exchange for in-game currency.

This is a great strategy, especially for reaching younger demographics, but you will need the initial money to sponsor a game if you want to do it.

Text It!

This is one of the most broad-reaching strategies out there. Any phone, no matter how old it is, can send text messages. Text messaging is actually becoming more popular than voice calling.

In this strategy, your company puts out a small ad with a number you can text to receive some kind of promotion, entry to a contest, or even reach customer service.

This strategy has a wide appeal because of how many phones have texting capabilities, and because it doesn’t require the user to download any applications. Just type in six numbers and you’re ready to go!

Enter The Digital Age

Smartphones are just going to get more ubiquitous and sophisticated as time goes on. It’s best to jump on board now and get ahead of the curve while you can – this technology isn’t going anywhere, and you don’t want to be left behind.

Originally posted on September 16, 2015 @ 3:20 pm

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