If we want something and that item cannot be bought here, what do we do? Ship it! For our fragile Fragilebuys overseas, are we certain that those will surely be safely delivered to the location we want them sent to? Having doubts about the shipping company’s assurances of not destroying our precious stuff? In this article, we will tackle ways to erase those doubts and to maximize having the best way to ship our precious buys!

Reasons for Caring about our Stuff’s Shipment

Why in the first place should we spend time to think about how our stuffs are being shipped? Let us stress its importance!

  • Because your things should be carried with care
  • For worry free shipping
  • To avoid theft
  • To assure you get your shipment
  • For value of money

Tips for the Best Shipment Experience

Now that we have an idea on how valuable the way we ship our things, let us now get into the tips for that efficient shipment!

1. Take Care of your Items

This should be put in mind at all costs more so for fragile or sensitive items. First off, double check your items if they are fragile or not. For fragile items, consider putting it in containers that are surrounded with cushions like massive strips of papers, Styrofoam, or bubble wraps. Then ensure a nice and tight seal of the package to prevent possible damages from turbulence or bumps. After packing, make a quick check by shaking the package, and if there are significant crackling sounds, do not hesitate to repack! If you cannot do this yourself, ensure to negotiate with your carrier company that your stuff is packed well.

 2. Plan on how to Ship

If situation comes that you can do the shipment yourself then do so! More so if you are in the place where your items will come from. The best way will always to put your well sealed items in hand carry bags and bring them along with you the for the entire trip home. But if you cannot take the items your self, then you will have no other choice but to get the services of a courier company. Follow these tips to maximize a hassle free courier shipment delivery.

  • Foremost, know the type, price or value, or physical size of your item is.
  • Check with the courier very well when and where your item should arrive.
  • For small, not so fragile, and low value items, a standard postal system method of shipment may suffice for cost savings.
  • Otherwise, do not hesitate to consider a more luxurious method of shipment like overnight delivery, trucking service, or other shipping methods endorsed by reputable shipping companies.
  • For valuables, get an insurance term that fits the value of the item.
  • For items in your possession that you plan to be shipped somewhere, always document all the details of the item. Appraise it and take pictures from all angles to take note of its original condition and pre-existing damages if any.
  • Once your item arrives, have your recipient check the item’s condition and compare its condition with the photos you have taken. This is for you to be able to accurately haggle with insurance for the item if applicable. Make sure too that the package ended up in the right address and date. Otherwise, get the attention of the courier company immediately.

3. Monitor your Shipment

Better than simply waiting for your shipment to arrive is monitoring its travel! We are in luck as there are ways to universally monitor your shipments like employing the services of TrackingNumber.org. Services like those may give you information about your item’s real time location and condition via text or the internet regardless of the courier company, whether it be FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc, name it! Do check your item’s conditions to be able to anticipate and take action when needed.

So there you have it! We all love our belongings, and special care and planning should be taken into consideration more so of they will come from a far away place or if that we have no physical control over them. Planning ahead and choosing the most efficient method of shipping will allow you to ship any items to anywhere in the world!


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Originally posted on August 26, 2012 @ 3:54 pm


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