Viapost are the European leaders in e-commerce and retail logistics. Dedicated to helping merchants grow their business across the globe, Viapost uses the latest technology to bring retailers the number one platform for managing store, distribution and home delivery.

Working together with Morin Logistic and Orium, the leading ecommerce fulfilment experts in France, Viapost combines innovation and expertise to provide a complete, unified solution for the entire retail spectrum. The company adopts a 360 logistics approach to connect all parties involved and place the customer at the core of an integrated ecosystem. Bringing together merchant, warehouse, supplier, store and carrier to streamline the supply chain and satisfy the need for a quality customer experience.

Their industrialised platforms are designed to assist online-only and omni-channel retailers with the management of their products and systems in a comprehensive, end to end service. Connected logistics is the key to providing merchants with international fulfilment, a tool used to support their day to day activities and uphold the expectations of the customer.

Viapost’s logistics solutions allow retailers to build lasting relationships with their customers and manage the entire customer experience through enhanced interaction. Merchants are able to guarantee their customers receive a quality service by simplifying their returns policy, receive vital support to develop a successful international business, and gain the latest knowledge and innovations in connected logistics.

Viapost have over 1000 trained experts in the logistics field and are renowned throughout France and Europe for delivering a high quality, customised service to each individual customer they serve.

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Originally posted on July 7, 2015 @ 11:15 am


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