Honestly, in most offices, I don’t believe that employees spend the entire 8 hours required of work performing the duties that are related towards the benefit of the company. Mingling, chatting, playing games, or simply spending the time surfing the web using the computers provided to them or maybe even playing games. On the average I would say possibly only 50% of the required working hours would be consumed for actual work.

Well, it can easily be determined in the output of work. The level of satisfaction and quality can be seen. The aura, the perseverance and all, everything can be seen in the eyes and attitude of the employees. Much of these are beyond control of management and while there are Personnel managers who should be on top of these situations, well, considering the large manpower resource of the organization, not everyone can be monitored closely.

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Originally posted on May 9, 2006 @ 2:25 am


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