For some years now, the demand for licensed and experienced nurses abroad in such countries such as the United States, Europe and the Middle East is a common occupation that ambitious job seekers are setting their sights on. Owing to the fact that health care has become an important part in the lives of people, adding to the fact that the style of living now needs overall personal health in any part of the world has led most aspiring people to pursue a nursing career to be able to grab the available opportunities and realize the convenient manner of life that most people want.

A main source of medical and nursing professions that most of the countries look at is in the Philippines. This practice started in the year 2000 when a lot of local nurses were religiously making wider efforts to work abroad, owing to the fact that practicing their profession locally was not really seen as a job that would garner the respect compared to that of business or technology graduates in the Philippines. But today, all paths lead to taking a nursing course for fame and fortune. Even titled people like doctors, lawyers and corporate executives in the business sectors have resorted to taking up short nursing courses, to avail of the opportunity to travel abroad and start earning big bucks. This just goes to show at what people will resort to for them to realize dreams of fulfillment.

But then again, even the dreamers may have their dreams popped. Not to generalize, but the issue regarding the leakage on the nursing examinations in the Philippines has dealt a severe blow with regards to actually getting authentic and qualified nursing professionals by most demand needing countries today. While the test examination leakage has become a nationwide issue, it has also become a setback as far as reliability on the name of actual nursing profession, especially for the people that have worked hard to gain the nursing licensure just to practice the profession locally and presumably abroad.

The situation does not only hold for the 2006 Philippine Nursing Board Examinees. It has become a dent as far as certifying that nurses who apply for overseas work will always be put into question even if the leakage issue has been resolved. Typical for people to try and cheat their way, but it is quite unfortunate that the honest people have to suffer, not to mention the good name of the country which has already had its share of controversies both locally and now internationally.

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Originally posted on November 3, 2006 @ 9:01 am

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