hardwareYour business has been on the internet for some years and you’ve suddenly realized customers are not coming back. Why, well maybe your site is getting too much traffic it can’t handle it anymore. That is one of the most common mistakes businesses make, failure to regularly assess their businesses status and strategy over the internet. One simple check would be to go to the web site itself and try to see if your existing design is working for you and similarly for your customers. Ever heard of the suggestions box in your site, it might be overflowing with mail of suggestions of customers your staff may be failing to take account of. As business managers/owners, you need to be on top of things that other people may have overlooked thus ensuring all bases are covered and your business grows with your customers. Remember, as more and more customers try to get into a site, your current set-up may not be enough to handle all the added load so a thorough review and status report of your site traffic and other statistics might be in order.
Too much traffic, consider getting a dedicated hosting service so you get ample resources dedicated to you and your customers all the time. Much is the disdain of customers for sites that fail to load or cannot handle the traffic, for small to medium businesses this can prove to be a killer. Hosting is one of the best ways to save on equipment and other supporting hardware for they are so expensive and costly to maintain you might not be able to handle the costs. That’s why hosting services abound and that’s why you’re earning money, or are you? Better take a look to find out!

Originally posted on March 5, 2009 @ 8:08 am

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