Sales PeopleGaining the attention of target outlets, customers and end users is the main focus that sales people should initially think about. Getting their attention will sure be the penultimate reason for them to be able to introduce the product or goods that they are offering for sale and possibly close and convince them on the benefits for the product. New products will surely have a hard time penetrating a market. For one, retailers and outlets will have preference for faster moving products. Product Movement is something that entices most carriers to endorse such products, a matter that has something to do with storage purposes for products that they have to carry.

To get their attention, people will consider above everything else the following:

  1. Physical Appearance
  2. Diction
  3. Charm
  4. Proper delivery of the Product and Company Background

Assessing the current state of mind of the people for various outlets will be different in nature. The mood to which they are in will surely aid or be an obstacle and to use this and try to manipulate a person’s way around it is something more of a tactical approach than a talent. Telling people things they want to hear as discounts, consignment, lowered prices, special offers and free support for whatever activities for the sake of being able to be placed in their stalls or shelves. In such scenarios, it is the retailers are the ones that need to be courted, similar to relationships until the time comes that they agree to such propositions.

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